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Family Owned And Operated

Professional Pest Control 




Do you have Insects, Rodents, Birds or Wildlife in your home and property? Our specialized team will remove any issues that are affecting your home and the people in it so that you don't have to. Call us now and leave the rest to us.


Are there pests creating problems in your work place? No business should ever have to put aside hours of labour or stress for pest issues. Our comprehensive business plans create a standard of action to maintain cleanliness and safety in your work place.


Offering a Wide Range of Affordable and ethical solutions for removing Raccoons, Bats, Squirrels, Birds, Nests, etc. away from spaces in your property once and for all. 


224 36 street sw , Edmonton Alberta  T6X1A5  Tel: 250-634-3439

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Seasonal Pests

Fall - Winter
 Mice & Voles

During the winter these rodents tend to crawl around the exterior of our homes searching for entry points that may lead to food and a safe place to breed. 

Spring - Summer
Carpenter ants

These large black ants can be identified by a big set of pincers and a ridge along the center of its back. While harmless to humans, they will damage the structure of your home as the nest within the walls chewing the wood. Don't leave these guys unchecked if you see them!


The most common types of wasps you will have is yellow jackets, hornets and mud-wasps. They generally nest inside small cracks inside of our homes, inside the ground or attached to trees / plants.

Pavement Ants

An ever present nuisance, these ants can be identified by the sand the push up between cracks in pavement / ground stones to make room for their nests. 


With years of experience Precision pest control has been serving residential and business communities, utilizing the most advanced pest control methods. Our credentials and our consistent success in many major industries including hospitals, healthcare institutions, schools, universities, office buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, homes and government properties.

 We understand the breeding habits and environmental conditions of all vermin. We utilize our knowledge to provide answers to the source of infestation and plan the most effective method to supply long lasting solutions specific to your needs.

 At Precision pest control our trained professionals know what it takes to work through these defenses and use the right methods for getting the job done.

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