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Identify the problem:

Offices generally are afflicted with mouse issues among many others. 

When mice enter the work place they can remain undetected to staff for long amounts of time before the issue becomes apparent. 

Mice are a large health risk to staff and other people coming in and out of any location. They steal food and leave droppings and urine where ever they are exploring through your work space. 

Mice activity can be identified by small rice sized black droppings along the wall lines of your office, behind stoves and under appliances and cupboards.

Mice are more active during the night time so you may not be seeing them even though they are present. Often after the issue has continued for an extended amount of time, mice can be seen scurrying from one location to another.

Identify the source:

After finding out that your office has a mouse problem, the next step is to find the source of your problem.

Questions you can ask your self is:

-Where have I seen droppings?

-How long have I or the staff been noticing the issue?

-How many mice have we seen?

-Where are they coming from?

-Can I see an entry points into our work-space?

Answering these questions for your self will bring a better idea on what your next steps should be.

Make a plan:

Once you have found out you have a rodent issue, you should be looking at what the mice may be using as a food source and protecting it from any possible breach from the mice.


This may involve buying new garbage can's that may have worn out plastic or that do not have a lid. Ensuring all staff are not leaving any food products that may interest rodents around their work space. 

If it's possible, try to block any potential entry points that you think mice could be coming through.

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