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Pavement Ants

A very common and typical nuisance. You can find these ants mostly in the spring months following through until mid fall. Often you can find that they come to the interior of your home in search for food.

These ants can be found making piles of sand around the perimeter of your home to make room for the underground colony. 

This type of ant is very small with a dark brown hue, found in cracks in pavement, under stones and generally gravitate to any large surface that gathers heat from sunlight.

Carpenter Ants

This type of ant, while harmless to humans, they are a big issue when it comes to the structure of your home. If left without any treatment they will gradually compromise the wood inside of your home.


Nesting inside the wooden beams and chewing "galleries" through them to make room for their colony. 

Initially they start with one mother colony, subsequently making "satellite" colonies in other areas in the structure they reside in.

These ants can be identified from the exceptionally large size and dark black colour, some having large jaws for the purpose of chewing wood.

Fire Ants

A new problem to BC, in 2011 it was discovered that the "European" fire ant had spread into the lower mainland and Southern areas of Vancouver island. 

The bite of these ants are extremely painful and can cause harm to people and animals that may be attacked after disturbing their nest.

Amber red in colour, these ants will be found along root systems of gardens and grass.

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