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One of the most common city birds around the world with plenty of variations. 

These calm birds have a tendency to go go under covered areas in peoples roofs and overhangs, perching along dry elevated areas to roost. Unfortunately these calm and funny birds are severely dirty. They process food at a very fast rate, leaving plenty of feces where ever they are roosting. 

Not the most clean of birds, they do not care at all existing in their own excrement. Similar to rats, they feed primarily on human scraps and waste. 

If left unchecked these birds can cause health risks due to the high volume of droppings they leave behind.


Sparrows are a common species of passerine bird found throughout much of the world, including North America. In North America, the most commonly found sparrow species include the House Sparrow, the American Tree Sparrow and the Song Sparrow. They are small, plump birds with short beaks and often have brown, gray, and white plumage.

In urban and suburban areas, House Sparrows are known to congregate in large flocks around buildings and other structures, where they can become a nuisance. They can create messes with their droppings, and their nesting materials can clog gutters and damage buildings.


Another beautiful and destructive birds. 

While they are a small breed, they are actually very territorial and aggressive and have been known to attempt to kill other bird populations in the vicinity they are populating. 

They can often be found going into loose or compromised attic vents around your property. 

Left unchecked these birds can make large and dirty nests. also terrorizing other birds in your neighborhood and making a large racket that you may be hearing in your attic.

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