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Risks of pests in the food industry:

Unfortunately in Alberta, restaurants have always been and always will be plagued with rodents, fruit flies, drain flies and cockroaches, etc. This is a constant reality that restaurant owners have to deal with through out the lifetime of their business. 

There are so many risks when it comes to having pests anywhere near your restaurant. Health inspectors can show up at a moments notice. Any customer with a phone and an extra 3 minutes on hand can ruin a business with one picture and a review. 

Scarier than all else is having the health of your customers and staff held at risk!

These are major problems for any food provider, from the small diner to the large catering service to the white cloth steak house downtown!

The thing is with restaurants is: If you haven't had pests, you will. If you currently have pests, they are VERY difficult to get rid of without the professional eye.

Most restaurants can not afford to get shut down for even one day. So let's create a plan for you.

What should you do now:

Each pest that you may encounter inside your working space has different habits and traits whether it's rodents or insects. 

The MOST important thing to cover when you find out you have a pest is managing your food.

Every crumb and scrap is sustenance that will feed rodents and it's difficult to believe how far just a little bit of food can sustain a pest.

How does you kitchen look? How is your food stored? Are the floors clean even under the appliances? Have you seen holes in packaging? 

Where is your garbage stored after work is done and are the garbage cans sealed?

These are all vital questions to be asking your self after it becomes apparent that you have an unwanted invader in your work space. The best answer to dealing with a pest issue is to ensure that there is as little possibilities of pests getting into food products.

Train your staff! Sometimes dealing with food in this way can use a bit of extra attention to make sure everyone is on the same page of what to do. This is the first step into making a lasting solution to your problem.

Quick tips!
Make sure your garbage cans are covered and sealed.
Look for holes around your walls and piping.
Clean under any appliances as thoroughly as you can.
Store food in hard plastic or glass containers.

Need help getting it done?

Call us now or use our contact page and we'll send one of our certified technicians to give you a free assessment and quotation to ensure that you're business, staff, property and customers are getting the safest and healthiest work place possible. 

Leave the gross stuff to us and let us take care of the problems for you.

Contact us for a free inspection.
Our certified technicians will tell you the best way to fix your problem.

Need answers ASAP? Call: 1-780-111-1111

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