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Real Estate Inspections

Anywhere in Canada, and with any home in Alberta, Real-Estate comes at a premium. In the Pest control industry, we see time and time again the headache that new home owners go through when they purchase a new home that hasn't been inspected with the eyes of a professional.


Buying an older home? Get it checked! Houses that have been built over a decade ago can have some areas that have undergone heavy weathering from rain and other elements, wearing down the security from pests leaving points of exposure. 


Buying a new home? Get it checked! Even the best contractors and professionals don't have the eye of someone that works in Pest Control while they're building a new home, there can be even the smallest compromise in the structure that can leave you with an unexpected problem in the future. 


Already have a home? Get it Checked! Ever feel like somebody is watching you when you're alone? It's probably a pest. At Precision pest we have a discounted rate for current home owners that want to be 100% sure there isn't a problem you may be living with and not know about. Years of experience and countless happy customers have allowed us to give you the best advice for how to deal with any issues you may not have noticed, or to give you the peace of mind that everything is still okay. No matter what it is, we got you covered.

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